9 Ways to Reduce OAB Embarrassment

Learn to Laugh

Photo Credit: andresrimaging / istockphoto.com

3. Learn to Laugh

A big part of self-acceptance is changing the way you see yourself. If you think that OAB is like a scarlet letter worn to cause shame and discrimination, you need to move back to step one. You might be taking yourself a bit too seriously.

If you cannot laugh at OAB, the situations it puts you in and the behaviors you complete to manage it, you cannot survive. Laughing at yourself helps to take away the power OAB has to change your mood and increase anxiety.

Changing your perspective is going to take some time, but you have time – your OAB isn’t going anywhere. Laughing at embarrassment is always better than crying at embarrassment. Accomplish this by recapping past experiences to find any slither of humor. Each time, try to expand the laughter by looking deeper into the event.

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